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The Perfect Tourist

I cannot sit still when I'm travelling! If I'm in a new place, I have to explore!

While dreaming up my first trip to Europe, my mum asked me to write a list of what I would like to do while over there. The list became too long to fit in my limited time being abroad so we had to get creative!

As I was going on a tour for 49 days of my trip, I was not sure of how much time I had in places. So I made sure I made up for it while I was in London. And boy I did!

To make sure I could fit everything in, my mum and I spent hours upon hours working out my every move for everyday. Like what train to get, how long I would have to eat, how long do we think I'll fan girl for!

If you want to see as much as you can! A lot of research needs to be done. The best way to see as much as you can is to chose things that are close together out of your list, and go from there.

For example, how can you fit Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Wellington Arch, The Churchill War Rooms, The Royal Mews and The British Museum in one day!

After finishing my morning tour of Buckingham Palace I made my way to The Royal Mews! If you don't get distracted by the royal gift shop like me you should get there within 5 minutes. Don't expect to be there for a small amount of time! I'm sure you will be amazed by the Royal Carriages and maybe even spot a royal horse! They even have a dress up area which I'm pretty sure is for children but I'm still a child at heart! Yes?

Once your horsed out, take a 15 minute walk along the Buckingham Palace walls and find yourself looking up at the Wellington Arch! The original entrance to Buckingham Palace, now known as the victory arch!

I caught a 6 minute cab ride to Westminster Abbey, you know the place where the big Royal Weddings happen! I'm not surprised I spent more time then anticipated there! While exploring the abbey with my headphone guide, I was amazed by the history that had been through this place! From Tudor Royalty to Mary Queen of Scots and Britains famous baroque composer Handle.

You could spend hours upon hours listening and reading about the famous greats who lie there! It was so surreal seeing the monuments for these historical people. I had only ever watched and read about these monumental people and to see them right in front of you in real life, I found myself speechless.

Did you know the Abbey has Britain's oldest door? True fact!!

Once you have explored as much as you can take a 6 minute walk north to The Churchill War Rooms. Discovering the workings of Churchill and his trusted men in the second world war was quite interesting! You might even see a famous hat and cigar that always is included in peoples imaginations and memories of Churchill.

Then take a cab ride to The British Museum to finish off your day! I chose this as my last place to visit as it was open the latest! Even though I had a limited time there, I got to see so many amazing things throughout the museum from the Egyptian artefacts to the famous Rosetta Stone! It was incredible to see because while on my tour I got to visit the places the languages on the stone come from. That being Egypt and Greece! Seeing a replica in the Egyptian museum and then seeing the real thing was quite the experience!

My mum and I made a calendar that showed me everything I was doing for the day! Which made it so much easier to get around and remember where to go and what to do!

Most of these experiences we free to do including the British Museum (unless you would like to go to a special exhibition). The only things that cost money were Buckingham Palace, The Royal Mews and Westminster Abbey! Though I had the London Pass which took care of the cost of all three attractions!

When looking at travelling make sure you see if there is a city pass because the London Pass saved me! I got the 10 Day pass and did 19 attractions that would have cost a lot more if it weren't for the pass.

Travel wise I did do a lot of walking that day but I did need to take a cab twice because I became to distracted by everything, that I found myself running behind! Transport over there is incredible and with the Opal Card it's even better!

Well there you have it, a day in the life of my crazy tourist life! I could 100% go back to those places all over again and spend double, even triple the time there! Though I wouldn't change my experience for the world! What I saw was just a taste and I can't wait to get back there and see more!

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