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2022 Bucketlist

2020/21 was not the time for travel but as vaccinations are underway, 2022 is looking better and better! Australia has ventured into a new era of Covid! As restrictions ease and the population is getting vaccinated it can be very exciting to look to the future!

I have a few things planned for this year travel wise that are very exciting that I will be able to tick of this year!

We may be limited at the moment but it doesn't mean we cannot see some of the world even if it in in your own backyard!

Below is a list of things I would absolutely love to do in 2022! Lets see if I achieve them by December 2022?

Take a trip on a plane! I miss planes so much! The feeling of take off and landing. The amazing crew and the feeling of flying because you are! I got to fly twice this year but the international flight is just an incredible feeling!

Do a staycation in my state! Because what's better than a view like this!

Go to another state of Australia! I hear Melbourne have some amazing musicals at the moment that will be playing in 2022!

Go overseas! I have a New Zealand trip already booked and I cannot wait to show you my experience! Check out my socials in February 2022!

Stay in a cool hotel! Even if it just a night I would love to have some fun on a little adventure

See a musical! I did see Hamilton 3 times this year so I have to add to my list in 2022!

Do a touristy thing in my state! Go to the zoo? Go on a tour bus trip? There are just so many options!

See a new place! Hopefully New Zealand will go ahead where there will be lots of new places!

Cook a dish from another country! I would love to explore new cuisines! I have practiced my cooking but what dish should I make first?

Go on a Cruise! I had one booked for 2021 so I am hoping 2022 is the year!

I am sure there are a lot more things I would love to do in 2022 but my list for now is pretty exciting! What are you hoping to achieve in 2022? Now is the time to start planning!

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