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Smash ends with a 'Big Finish'

Did anyone else cry when the band played the first note of the show?

I have been waiting 5 YEARS to see this show! This is the one thing I can thank Covid-19 for!

The magic of the music was just incredible! Hearing 'Let me be your Star' again brought me back to watching the pilot.

Over the years I have added more and more Smash songs to my repertoire but my favourite to sing is 'Second Hand White Baby Grand'. The story of this song is just beautiful! I remember learning it in my singing lesson being transported to another world!

Megan Hilty performed it beautifully and those last words, "I still have something beautiful to give" are amazing!

Seeing Jeremy Jordan become the Marilyn I never knew I needed in 'Cut, Print, Moving On' was everything!!

You can bet I will be watching the Bombshell in Concert Show multiple times, if I haven't already!!

I cannot wait for the upcoming musical about the show! and you know I will be saving my money to see it opening night!

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